Periodic review 2018 (PR18) timetable and process

This page sets out the timetable, process and explanation of PR18's key elements. An overview diagram of our main PR18 publications is available.

Live timetable for PR18 and description of key milestones – V2.0

The table below includes all previous versions of the timetable, with the current live timetable at the top.

Version ID Date Comments
V1.9August 2018Minor updates to include links to ORR PR18 publications and additional milestones in summer and autumn 2018.
V1.8February 2018Revision to reflect the issue of Network Rail's strategic business plans and some other minor updates
V.1.7November 2017Revision to strategic business plan timescales and other minor updates to planned consultations
V.1.6July 2017Updates to reflect extension to the HLOS and SoFA deadline and other minor changes
V1.5June 2017Minor updates and changes to milestones in autumn 2017
V1.4March 2017Minor updates following issue of review initiation notice
V1.3January 2017Change of timing to Network Rail's strategic business plans and updates to other milestones
V1.2November 2016Minor updates to existing milestones
V1.1 September 2016 Additional milestones added
V1  May 2016 First release

PR18 timeline