Periodic review 2018 (PR18) legal notices and CP6 price lists

Implementation of the 2018 periodic review

This page includes all legal notices issued as part of PR18. It also includes links to Network Rail's price lists for track access charges:

  • Grant mechanisms for CP6
  • Review implementation notices
  • Notices of agreement
  • Review notices
  • Network Rail's CP6 price lists for track access charges
  • Legal notices relating to the initiation of PR18

Grant mechanisms for CP6

At the point we issued our review notices in December 2018 (see below), Network Rail and each of the Secretary of State and Scottish Ministers had not yet concluded their agreements relating to network grant payments for control period 6 (CP6). In particular, the mechanism for varying grant payments in certain circumstances from year to year had not been agreed. Our review notice included a provision in Schedule 7 of franchised track access agreements for us to approve or determine this mechanism before the start of CP6. Our approval/determination letters are set out below.

Review Implementation Notices

On 11 March 2019, we concluded the statutory implementation process for PR18 by serving and publishing review implementation notices pursuant to paragraph 7 of Schedule 4A to the Railways Act 1993. These confirmed that the changes we proposed to make to access agreements (as set out in the review notices that we issued on 20 December 2018) would be implemented on 1 April 2019.

The review implementation notices directed the parties to the relevant access agreements to amend their agreements so that the changes would come into effect on and from 1 April 2019.

The seven review implementation notices, and the accompanying covering letter that we issued with them, are available below. We have also included MS Word versions of the template supplemental agreements for the parties to access agreements to use when complying with our directions.

Review implementation noticeTemplate supplemental agreement
Charter Operator Track Access AgreementsPR18 Charter Operator - template supplemental agreement
Franchised Passenger Track Access AgreementsPR18 Franchised Operator - template supplemental agreement
Freight Customer Track Access AgreementsPR18 Freight Customer - template supplemental agreement
Freight Operator Track Access AgreementsPR18 Freight Operator - template supplemental agreement
Open Access Passenger Track Access AgreementsPR18 Open Access (non-TER) - template supplemental agreement (NYMR, West Coast Railway Company - Jacobite services, Eurostar)
PR18 Open Access (TER) - template supplemental agreement (East Coast Trains, Grand Central, Hull Trains and South Yorkshire Supertram)
Station Long Term ChargesPR18 stations - template supplemental agreement
Traction Electricity RulesN/A

Notices of agreement

On 8 February 2019, we issued ‘notices of agreement’ to Network Rail’s access agreement customers (beneficiaries). These confirmed that Network Rail had not objected to the proposed changes to access agreements set out in our review notices (issued on 20 December 2018. The notices also gave the beneficiaries 28 days in which to decide to give notice to terminate their agreements, if they wished to do so. These are available below:

Review notices

On 20 December 2018, we began the formal implementation of PR18. We did this by serving review notices and publishing them on our website pursuant to paragraph 4 to Schedule 4A to the Railways Act 1993. The seven review notices, and the accompanying covering letter that we issued with them, are available below:

We consulted in July 2018 on how we would implement PR18 into track and access contracts (see here). On 8 February 2019, we published our conclusions on this. These explain our final decisions on drafting, as set out in the review notices.

Network Rail's price lists/schedules for CP6

On 20 December 2018 Network Rail published its price lists/schedules of charges that will apply to track access contracts in control period 6 (CP6). CP6 will run from 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2024. These are available on Network Rail's website. Where appropriate, Network Rail will also publish annual versions showing CPI uplifts.

The original December 2018 CP6 price lists/schedules for track access contracts are also set out below:

Network Rail will publish the 'Schedule of Baseline Timetabled Traffic' relating to franchised passenger track access contracts by 31 October 2019, pending our approval.

Network Rail has also published lists of the CP6 stations long term charges for both managed and franchised stations. These charges are specifically listed in our stations long term review notice (see above), and so are not repeated here.

Legal notices relating to the initiation of PR18

Published 20 July 2017
Published 20 July 2017

This notice extended the deadline set out in our notice of 27 March 2017 for the Secretary of State and Scottish Ministers to submit the documents known as the high-level output specifications and statement of funds available to us.

Review initiation notice
Published 27 March 2017

This notice sets out our proposal to undertake an access charges review under paragraph 1C of schedule 4A to the Railways Act 1993. This initiates the formal legal process for the 2018 periodic review.