Periodic review 2018 (PR18) projects

This page sets out our projects for PR18, along with the head of each project. Should you have any questions on these or require further information, please contact us at

List of ORR projects and contacts for PR18

PR18 programme
Senior responsible owner for PR18 John Larkinson (Director, Railway markets and economics)
Programme director
(Overall oversight of programme and policy)
Chris Hemsley (Deputy director, Railway markets and economics)
Programme manager Richard Gusanie
Programme ExecutiveDavid Dingwall
Oversight of health and safety across all project areas Anna O'Connor (Head of Projects, Railway safety directorate)
Communications and stakeholder engagement Lisa O'Brien

Main work areas

While the scope outline in the table is intended to give an idea of the range of each project, it is not intended to denote any particular depth of the work in each area.

Project name Head of project Broad scope outline for project (this is not exhaustive)
Overall PR18 framework Siobhán Carty The purpose of this project is to establish the overall framework for the periodic review, and as such, it will develop and implement certain overarching policies. A particular focus is on the areas where PR18 is substantially different to PR13, in particular in the way we regulate route and system operation.
The framework covered in this project consists of both:  decisions that form part of our PR18 determination; and  arrangements that we specify, as part of PR18, for overseeing CP6 or applying change control to our PR18 determination for CP6.
Route-level regulation.
System operator regulation (our workstream lead for this is Siobhán Carty).
Consistency of incentives across Network Rail (i.e. across outputs, money flows, within-period monitoring, etc.), linking with the charges & incentives project.
Efficient costs Graham Richards/ Roger Davies Review of efficient support, operations, maintenance and renewals costs.
Outputs framework Lynn Armstrong Framework for outputs, including how these would be monitored.
Subsidiary workstream areas include: network performance; network availability; network capability; network capacity; sustainability (asset management); health & safety; environment and sustainable development; and enhancements.
Financial framework Carl Hetherington/ Paul Darby Calculating the revenue requirements.
Cost of capital.
The funding of enhancements.
The approach to: the management of financial risk; financial sustainability; arrangements for making additions to the regulatory asset base (RAB); treatment of inflation; amortisation; and corporation tax.
Monitoring of financial performance.
RAB 'roll-forward' policy.
Charges & incentives Deren Olgun Review of structure of charges for both fixed charges and variable charges.
Review of the incentives in the restrictions of use (Schedule 4) and operational performance (Schedule 8) regimes, contained in track access contracts.
Review of the route-level efficiency benefit sharing mechanism (REBS) and policy connected with greater exposure of franchised operators to Network Rail's costs.
Assessing overall impacts on operators from potential changes to charges and incentives.
Enhancements James Dunshea Policy approach and treatment/investment framework.
Review of efficient costs of enhancements (where required following the Scottish Ministers and Secretary of State's high-level output specifications).

Whilst not a specific project as such, we have a health & safety workstream that is integrated across the above projects, providing oversight of health & safety policy issues, linkages and legal requirements relevant to PR18.

For our PR18 email alerts service, we have provided an option for stakeholders to receive updates on Network Rail’s strategic business plans and engagement. These topics cut across the above project areas. It includes: work relating to the development of the SBPs; the development of the process for Network Rail’s routes and system operator to engage with stakeholders and customers in the development of their plans, as well as any of our publications relating to the SBPs.

To receive up to date information on the various PR18 workstreams and publications, please access our PR18 email alerts service where you can select your preferences as to which updates you would like to receive.