Asset management independent reports

Network Rail's network licence includes a condition providing for independent experts (reporters) to be appointed by the network operator (Network Rail), to provide ORR with advice on different aspects of Network Rail’s performance.

An asset management assessment framework forms the basis of the on-going development and improvement reviews carried out by the ORR to ensure that Network Rail complies with licence condition 1, asset management. In summary, the framework considers Network Rail's asset management performance, capability and maturity in the following 6 areas:

  • Strategy & planning
  • Asset Management Decision-Making
  • Lifecycle delivery
  • Asset Information
  • Organisation & People
  • Risk & Review

We are also monitoring Network Rail’s commitment to:

  • Remote condition monitoring
  • Risk based maintenance
  • Asset performance and reliability
  • Renewals and maintenance activities
  • Environment and Sustainable Development
  • Weather Resilience and Climate Change Adaptation
  • Compliance with asset policies

In certain circumstances as outlined in the Network Rail licence conditions ORR uses independent reporters to audit Network Rail’s business functions and any areas of concern.


2016 Asset Management Excellence Model interim assessment report
This report documents the findings of an independent assessment of Network Rail’s Asset Management capability maturity for CP5. It identifies changes in Network Rail’s current Asset Management capability maturity with the position identified at the End of CP4. The assessment was undertaken by Asset Management Consulting Limited (AMCL), the Independent Reporter for Asset Management, on behalf of the Office of Rail Regulation (ORR) and Network Rail.
2 May 2017

Assessment of compliance with CP5 asset policies - Executive summary (Arup)
The purpose of this Mandate (Ref. L1AR002) was to verify the degree to which workbanks delivered in the first year of CP5 were in alignment with Network Rail’s maintenance and renewal asset.
Policies and, in turn, the degree to which NR is able to demonstrate that it is managing the network sustainably in a Whole Life Cost efficient manner.
31 October 2016

Assessment of renewal volumes - Final report by Arup
Network Rail plans and delivers renewals of its assets based on a programme shared with us at the beginning of each financial year and reports on its actual volumes delivered within its Annual Return. Information on renewal volumes is an important input into our assessment of Network Rail’s efficiency and delivery of its asset policies. This report reviews the reliability and accuracy of Network Rail's reporting of renewal volumes for the following assets groups in 2014/15: track, signalling, civil engineering, telecoms, fencing, buildings and electrification and plant. The report also reviews progress made against recommendations made in a previous study (Audit of Renewal Volume Data 2012/13) as well as making seven new recommendations to address issues identified in the current process.
20 May 2016

Civils Adjustment Mechanism Review - Review of renewal costs and efficiencies used in developing structures and earthworks submissions - Report by Arup
The CP5 Final Determination required Network Rail to submit and publish a plan in March 2015 for the work it proposes on renewal of civils assets during years 3, 4 and 5 of CP5. This plan, referred to as the Civils Adjustment Mechanism (CAM) plan, would be reviewed by ORR to form a judgement on the volumes and efficient costs of the work for which Network Rail will be funded in our '2015 civils determination'. The Independent Reporter was appointed to (a) review Network Rail's progress in developing robust cost and efficiency data to support compilation of the CAM submission and (b) assist ORR in reviewing the cost and efficiency elements of the CAM submission and supporting evidence. This report presents the findings of the first element of the Reporter's mandate.
17 June 2015