Handling RAIB recommendations

Our role in handling recommendations from the Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB).

We have a policy pdf icon PDF, 34 Kb for considering and following up RAIB's recommendations.

  • We ensure that recommendations are duly considered and where appropriate acted upon.
  • We assess the action taken by those to whom we have directed the recommendations to against clear criteria, using both technical and other experts, to decide our view on the responses and decide what further action we may need to take.
  • We report to RAIB in accordance with the regulations and the Memorandum of Understanding pdf icon PDF, 334 Kb between us. We have a separate Memorandum of Understanding for Scotland pdf icon PDF, 64 Kb. We report back to RAIB details of any implementation measures, or the reasons why no implementation measures are being taken.

In assessing the status of recommendations we make reference to a status definition list pdf icon PDF, 40 Kb which has been agreed with RAIB. To assist those asked to consider RAIB recommendations we have also produced a glossary of commonly used terms pdf icon PDF, 248 Kb within RAIB recommendations, along with our interpretation of what actions an organisation needs to deliver in order demonstrate that the requirements of a recommendation have been satisfied.

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You can access ORR responses to RAIB reports 2010 and before on the National Archives website.