Responses to RAIB reports 2018

Our responses to the Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) in relation to their recommendations published in 2018.

Incident date Report
publication date
Report Response
Response to
15/03/201812/11/2018Runaway hand trolley at Ramsbottom  
11/03/201818/12/2018Near miss with track workers and trolleys at South Hampstead  
21/02/201828/08/2018Near miss with track workers at Pelaw North Junction  
31/01/201803/09/2018Passenger trapped and dragged at Notting Hill Gate station13/08/19ORR response
pdf icon PDF, 165 Kb
22/01/201807/08/2018Landslip and derailment at Loch Eilt10/06/19ORR response pdf icon PDF, 118 Kb
11/01/201819/07/2018Collision at Stainforth Road level crossing14/06/19ORR response
pdf icon PDF, 124 Kb
17/10/201711/01/2018Runaway of a maintenance train near Markinch11/01/19ORR response
pdf icon PDF, 521 Kb
15/12/201710/09/2018Pushchair trapped in tram doors and dragged, Nottingham14/08/19ORR response
pdf icon PDF, 171 Kb
07/11/201709/10/2018Detrainment onto live track near Peckham Rye13/08/19ORR response pdf icon PDF, 130 Kb
30/10/201716/10/2018Extensive track damage between Ferryside and Llangennech  
23/10/201723/08/2018Collision at Frognal Farm User Worked Crossing13/08/19ORR response pdf icon PDF, 142 Kb
05/10/201709/08/2018Near miss with a group of track workers at Egmanton level crossing08/08/19ORR response
pdf icon PDF, 128 Kb
14/08/201702/08/2018Freight train derailment at Ely West Junction01/08/19ORR reponse pdf icon PDF, 404 Kb
28/07/201709/05/2018Passengers struck by a flying cable at Abergavenny (Y Fenni) station08/04/19ORR response
pdf icon PDF, 188 Kb
07/07/201720/03/2018Explosion inside an underframe equipment case at Guildford19/03/19ORR response
pdf icon PDF, 1,135 Kb
22/06/201730/01/2018Child nearly falling through a missing toilet floor, South Devon Railway29/01/19ORR response
pdf icon PDF, 509 Kb
01/06/201721/05/2018Fatal accident at Trenos footpath crossing near Llanharan08/04/19ORR response
pdf icon PDF, 120 Kb
28/05/201719/02/2018Trailer runaway near Hope, Derbyshire08/02/19ORR response
pdf icon PDF, 127 Kb
24/01/201728/02/2018Freight train derailment at Lewisham22/02/19ORR response
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