Data quality independent reporter reports

Network Rail's network licence includes a condition providing for independent experts (reporters) to be appointed by the network operator (Network Rail), to provide ORR with advice on different aspects of Network Rail’s performance.

The independent reporter assesses data quality by providing a grading on two of its aspects: system reliability and data accuracy.

System reliability (graded A-D) reviews the processes and procedures Network Rail has in place to capture the data and provides a measure of the overall reliability, quality, robustness and integrity of the system that produces the data. Data accuracy (graded 1* to X) measures how close the system generated data is to the true value.


CP5 Asset Data Quality Assurance - Earthworks and Structures Asset Data pdf icon PDF, 1,190 Kb
For CP5 (2014-2019) Network Rail were set a regulatory target to achieve an A2 grading for its Asset Data Quality by March 2017. Arup were commissioned in 2019 to carry out an independent review of two asset types; Earthworks and Structures. The report provides a confidence grading based on the most recent data available and makes recommendations, which Network Rail have responded to in the accompanying letter.
20 September 2019

Review of new performance metrics
This report from Arup determined the system reliability and data accuracy of a suite of proposed new measures of rail performance which have been developed by the industry to complement existing measures. The review also provided recommendations on how these new performance measures may usefully be improved.
18 July 2017

Review of Freight Delivery Metric (FDM)
The Freight Delivery Metric (FDM) was introduced as the regulatory performance output for freight in CP5. Due to its status as a formal output, Arup were commissioned to review the metric and assess the methodology by which Network Rail captures data and how that is reported. The final report provides a confidence grading on the system reliability and data accuracy of FDM at a national level and makes recommendations on areas of potential improvement.
24 October 2016

Asset Measures Data Processing and Evaluation
Network Rail has established asset management indicators to demonstrate its management of its asset base. These indicators reflect the robustness (reliability) and condition (sustainability) that the assets have achieved based on the application of its asset policies and delivery of the anticipated renewal and maintenance plans. Arup were commissioned to conduct a review covering a number of these asset measures. The report makes an assessment of the system reliability for each of the measures and verifies the accuracy of reported data for 2015-16.
17 August 2016