Monitoring Network Rail's performance

Monitoring Network Rail's performance is a key role for us. We monitor Network Rail's performance on a continuous basis - against targets in the most recent access charges review, against obligations in its network licence and against forecasts in its own business plan.

We monitor through analysis of regular reports from Network Rail.

Further information

Annual assessment

This document is part of how we hold Network Rail to account. It sets out how well we think Network Rail, including its regions and functions, is doing in providing services to its customers and funders and highlights any areas of concern.

Monitoring Network Rail's efficiency

An update on Network Rail's efficient delivery in CP6.

Train service performance

Those that use the railway rely on both Network Rail and train operators to run a punctual and reliable train service.

Enhancements monitoring

We hold Network Rail to account for delivery of its enhancement projects (large scale projects delivering new infrastructure) to its customers and funders.

Independent reporters

The role of the independent reporter is to provide us with professional advice on the quality of Network Rail's provision, as specified in their licence.

Route-level efficiency benefit sharing

As part of our 2013 periodic review (PR13), we decided to replace the existing efficiency benefit sharing mechanism (EBSM) with a route level incentive mechanism for control period 5 (CP5), which run from 1 April 2014 to 31 March 2019.