Third party liability insurance notifications

Our approach to third party liability insurance requirements for operators.

The operation of railway assets will not normally be authorised before we have approved the relevant insurance arrangements.

Chapter 6 of our criteria and procedures for granting licences and licence exemptions pdf icon PDF, 446 Kb sets out our requirements.

We do not conduct individual approval of operator third party liability insurance arrangements where these comply with our general approval pdf icon PDF, 77 Kb. Operators' insurance brokers should send us confirmation that adequate insurance cover is in place, in line with the general approval.

To do this:

  1. please complete the Broker's Confirmation letter (ODT version odt icon ODT, 1,227 Kb) (Word version docx icon DOCX, 1,233 Kb) then
  2. forward to the Licensing regulation team every time an insurance policy is renewed.

The broker letter for Network Rail pdf icon PDF, 325 Kb is available, as well as the confirmation of cover for contractors pdf icon PDF, 112 Kb. Contact the Licensing and network regulation team for copies of broker letters for any other individual operators.

We have granted some individual variations to the general approval. These are: