Railway infrastructure (including level crossings) and vehicle safety

ORR has powers of investigation and enforcement to ensure that railway operators are controlling risks posed by infrastructure (including level crossings) and railway vehicles.

Infrastructure is the fixed assets used for the operation of the railway. It is land and property, signalling, power installations, and other equipment. Examples include stations, tracks, level crossings, tunnels and electrified lines.

Vehicles are the locomotives or coaches than run on guided rails.

Level crossings

This page gives general information on level crossings and our current policies.

Rail/road interface sites

Road rail interface programme of risk reduction as a result of the Great Heck train crash on 28 February 2001 in which 10 people were fatally injured.

Signals passed at danger

A signal passed at danger (SPAD) occurs when a train passes a stop signal without authority to do so.

Criminal behaviour

What we do to combat route crime and vandalism on the railway.

Train protection

The use of train protection systems in Britain.

Mark I rolling stock

Use of Mark 1 rolling stock on the railway.