Risk Management Maturity Model (RM3)

Launch of RM3 2019

Following extensive collaboration and consultation with stakeholders from across Britain’s rail industry, we are pleased to announce the publication of RM3 2019, the latest version of the Risk Management Maturity Model.

Risk Management Maturity Model pdf icon PDF, 2,499 Kb (RM3)
Published 1 April 2019

What has changed?

Our vision for this new edition of RM3 is that it is more accessible to those just starting out with the model, as well as pushing the boundaries of excellence for experienced users.

In RM3 2019, we have:

  • filled in the gaps in evidence and ensured that evidence builds through the maturity levels;
  • identified evidence of collaboration, continuous improvement and use of technology, to support improved risk control at higher levels of maturity;
  • provided organisational culture evidence throughout all criteria at all maturity levels, rather than just in criteria OC6, as previously; and
  • changed which maturity level some evidence sits in, so that the model supports greater stretch and improvement in health and safety risk control.

Future work

  • Through the collaborative RM3 Governance Board, later in 2019 we will publish a core training syllabus aimed at RM3 practitioners and work with industry partners to revitalise RM3 training.
  • An interactive pdf will be made available in summer 2019, with navigation and active links to referenced material.

Please contact us at RM3@orr.gov.uk for more information.

Publications and updates

Risk Management Maturity Model pdf icon PDF, 2,499 Kb (RM3)
Published 1 April 2019

RM3 Organisational culture template (Word version) (OpenDocument Text version)