Road enforcement powers

This page contains the Office of Rail and Road's (ORR) enforcement policy for Highways England. It sets out how we will enforce Highways England’s compliance with its statutory duties.

As the Highways Monitor, we have powers to enforce Highways England’s compliance with the Road Investment Strategy and/or its licence. Under section 12 of the Infrastructure Act 2015, we can require Highways England to take certain actions or, in the event of a serious contravention of its duties, can fine the company.

The way in which we will go about using our powers is set out in our enforcement policy for Highways England. We consulted on a draft version of this policy in July 2015, and in December, produced our final version.

We committed to begin a review of the policy within two years of its publication. We completed that review during 2017-18 and have concluded that, overall, the policy has worked as intended and remains fit for purpose. We plan to review the policy again, most likely in 2019-20, once there is more certainty about the arrangements for the second Road Investment Strategy (RIS2).

This page contains all published documentation relating to our enforcement role.