ORR’s role in the second Road Investment Strategy

This page contains information on ORR’s intended approach to the activities we are responsible for in the second Road Investment Strategy (RIS2), in particular the efficiency review. It also includes links to some of the key pieces of evidence that will inform our work.

In documenting our intended approach, we have identified a range of issues that the Secretary of State and Highways England should consider when developing proposals for the second Road Period.

ORR’s Approach to the Second Road Investment Strategy pdf icon PDF, 334 Kb
14 December 2016

We are setting out now a range of issues that we believe should be considered in the development of RIS2 and how we will approach our role.

The document sets out the importance of robust evidence and stakeholder views in informing the design of the next RIS, the importance of considering the investment and performance targets as a holistic package, and to ensure that appropriate consideration is given to the deliverability of the package.

Efficiency review

In line with the approach described in the document above we have completed several pieces of work looking specifically at the potential for Highways England to make further efficiency improvements in RIS2. This includes a set of capability reviews, jointly commissioned with Highways England, in areas that we expect to be important for delivering efficiency in the second road period.

They provide a view of the level of efficiency the company could achieve from these activities but need to be considered alongside Highways England’s wider efficiency plans and other evidence, including benchmarking. So the capability reviews alone cannot be used to draw conclusions about overall potential efficiency improvements at this point.

A review of Highways England’s Procurement & Contract Management Capability pdf icon PDF, 3,513 Kb
Published 19 December 2017

A review of Highways England’s Portfolio and Programme Management Capability pdf icon PDF, 4,152 Kb
Published 19 December 2017

Review of Highways England's ability to improve efficiency from its asset management capability pdf icon PDF, 3,939 Kb
Published 18 January 2018