Market study into the supply of automatic ticket gates and ticket vending machines

We carried out a market study into automatic ticket gates (ATGs) and ticket vending machines (TVMs) to review how the markets are working and to ensure the market conditions facilitate competition and innovation.

Update paper

30 September 2019

We have published an update paper setting out the progress against the recommendations made in our final report, namely:

  • Establishing an industry working group to consider issues in the ATG market.
  • Industry working together to find a solution to improve access to the TfL network.
  • Delivering the commitments provided by RDG to improve RDG accreditation.

Update paper and annexes:

Final report

13 March 2019

We published our final report concluding our formal market study. This report outlines our findings and recommendations on how to tackle the market issues we identified. The recommendations are aimed at improving the functioning of the ATG and TVM markets through increasing rivalry, improving value for money, and, importantly, in the long term, increasing the potential for innovation and the introduction of new approaches to retail and revenue protection.

Discussion paper

25 January 2019

We published a discussion paper that invited comments on our current thinking on how to address key issues identified in our market study. This paper also outlined the progress RDG has made against the commitments it provided to address issues with RDG accreditation and adjustments to those commitments.

Summary of responses to update paper

5 November 2018

We invited submissions from stakeholders on the issues raised and the proposed remedies set out in the update paper. In total, we received six responses from train operating companies (purchasers of ATGs and TVMs), suppliers of ATGs and TVMs, and third party retailers. On 5 November 2018 we published a summary of those responses.

Update paper

13 September 2018

We have published the emerging findings in our market study. These include concerns that the market for ATGs is a near-monopoly with weak competition, with buyers of gates potentially paying too much. For TVMs, we expressed concerns about service quality and the availability of machines.

We are proposing to work with industry to improve competition, value and innovation in the supply chains for ATGs and TVMs in Great Britain.

Launch of market study

14 March 2018

We launched a market study into ATGs and TVMs. This study follows our work looking into the wider markets for ticketing equipment and systems.

In the course of this work, we identified concerns that high concentration and a lack of effective competition may be causing higher prices, reductions in quality, and stifling innovation of ATGs and TVMs.

Market study timetable

14 March 2018 Launch of market study
4 April 2018 Deadline for responses to the statement of scope
13 September 2018 Publication of update paper
11 October 2018 Deadline for responses to update paper
25 January 2019 Publication of discussion paper
8 February 2019 Deadline for responses to discussion paper
13 March 2019 Final report published