ORR launches competition work on open access

3 December 2018

ORR supports more ‘on-rail’ competition where it delivers sustainable benefits to passengers. The dynamic created by on-rail competition delivers demonstrable benefits to passengers; provides comparators to inform franchising decisions; and better holds Network Rail to account in its role of identifying and allocating capacity.

We have launched a piece of work which will deliver a framework for monitoring the impact of, and response to, open access competition.  Doing so will help us to better understand the challenges that OAOs face in trying to establish themselves in the GB market, and enable us to spot any problems early.

We will also produce information for industry participants on what, in the context of open access, ORR considers in broad terms to constitute anti-competitive behaviour, as opposed to a competitive response. This will increase transparency for industry on what we expect of them, and inform how we use our competition enforcement powers.

We will be engaging with a range of stakeholders over the coming months but if you would like to get in touch before then please send your comments to competition@orr.gov.uk.