Market review into rail compensation claims companies

4 February 2019

To assist our market review, we have appointed a company to research the role of third party claims companies in other key UK regulated sectors: water, energy, financial services and aviation.

The research, which will be completed by early spring 2019, will look at:

  1. What lessons can be learned from other regulators’ work in the area of third party claims companies.
  2. Any existing evidence on consumers’ behaviour and drivers behind consumer choices whether or not to claim compensation in similar retail markets (that involve search costs and a lack of awareness).
  3. The extent to which innovation can be used as a tool to increase consumer engagement with Delay Repay markets.

We will publish the research findings on our website.

20 November 2018

We are carrying out a market review into Delay Repay claims companies.

We are keen to better understand the role that claims companies play in Delay Repay compensation claims, and the extent to which their increased participation in the market could impact passengers and train operators.

Our market review will consider:

  • Whether these companies face barriers to entering and expanding in the market
  • The impact on train operating companies and how Delay Repay claims companies can and should interact with them
  • How they operate and earn money, and whether consumers and businesses would benefit from greater transparency over pricing
  • The extent to which the presence of Delay Repay claims companies can facilitate innovation and the introduction of new technology that benefits passengers and businesses.

We will be engaging with a range of stakeholders over the coming months but if you would like to get in touch before then please send your comments to