Approval of DPPPs for new franchises or new operators

Newly licensed operators or those with new franchise awards must establish and comply with a Disabled People’s Protection Policy (DPPP). The DPPP sets out the arrangements and assistance that an operator will provide to protect the interests of disabled people using its services, and to facilitate its use.

The approval process takes approximately three months to complete and includes a four week consultation with the Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee, Transport Focus and/or London TravelWatch.

Contact as soon as possible in order to begin the approval process.

Guidance on DPPPs

The existing 2009 guidance pdf icon PDF, 672 Kb for DPPP forms the basis of ORR's review and approval of operators DPPP. Operators should satisfy themselves that they meet all of the standards and criteria in this guidance.

For the policy document, our review will in particular assess the operator's approach to:

  • delivering assistance, promoting awareness of the assistance available and facilitating travel by those with disabilities (including those with less visible disabilities);
  • monitoring and evaluating performance in respect of the above (for which we will want to understand the operator's own benchmarks for what it considers to be a successful performance), and the processes in place for acting on this to drive continuous improvement;
  • capturing and responding to feedback from customers; and
  • how the organisation is structured to deliver these arrangements.

We will also consider the extent to which the operator can evidence that it has the right organisational values and behaviours towards disability. This includes the extent to which its senior management team is engaged with, and provides leadership and support to the frontline staff that deliver assistance, and ensures that the right processes and systems are in place.

The passenger document should follow the 2009 guidance, with particular emphasis on covering all mandatory or required standards. It is important that passenger-facing DPPPs are as clear as possible. Read our DPPP regulatory statement pdf icon PDF, 304 Kb.

Further information

Once we have given our approval to a DPPP we will publish a decision letter summarising areas of good practice and innovation, alongside a copy of the final DPPP.

We also require licence holders to provide us with a core set of data, in order to demonstrate that they are complying with their obligations to disabled passengers and managing their DPPP in accordance with published policies and procedures.