Occupational health

Our second occupational health programme has been developed to encourage the railway industry to proactively manage health risks. This is structured around the four E's:

  • Excellence; Engagement; Efficiency; and Enabling.

Our vision is of a rail industry that consistently achieves best practice in occupational health. By 2019 we expect to see real progress by rail companies across these key areas to improve the health of their workers.

Reporting occupational diseases

Advice on what railway industry occupational health diseases must be reported to us under RIDDOR.

Occupational health compliance and good practice

As part of ORR's strategy to raise awareness of occupational health we will publicise cases where we have taken formal enforcement action to secure legal compliance.

Occupational health news

Access all the quarterly occupational health updates produced by ORR until July 2018 and find out how to subscribe to the RSSB health and wellbeing newsletter which has taken its place.

Topic specific guidance

Advice and guidance on occupational health matters for railway managers and employees.

Engagement on health

Information on our occupational health programme's key events and a sample of the presentations.

Silicosis and HAVS – one man’s story

A set of videos highlighting the twin issues of silicosis and hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS).