Annual health and safety report

The Office of Rail and Road (ORR) has today published its Annual Report on Health and Safety 2018-19, which stresses that Britain's railway remains one of the safest railways in Europe for passengers, but warns that the rate of improvement has shown signs of slowing.

Annual health and safety report of performance on Britain’s railways: 2018-19 pdf icon PDF, 2,502 Kb
Published 16 July 2019

Press release
Published 16 July 2019

The report shows that seven passengers died at the platform-train interface in the past year, and two rail workers were killed doing their jobs. Two more track workers died near Port Talbot recently, further emphasising the need for the industry to improve its approach to ensuring vital work on the railway is planned and delivered safely.

The need for continued focus on safety is reinforced by the increasing pressure on the network – as the industry deals with the introduction of hundreds of new trains and with the consequences of disruption. Industry must focus on managing the new risks and the added demands on its staff this brings.

Keeping Britain's railways safe