ORR starts quinquennial review of RSSB

10 June 2016

The Office of Rail and Road (ORR) has this week been invited to begin a review of the RSSB, an exercise that takes place every five years.

RSSB's primary objective is to support its members to achieve their objectives of improving safety and performance and value for money across the industry. It does this by providing a wide range of services to:

  • help the industry understand risk;
  • guide and manage the maintenance of railway standards;
  • manage industry research and innovation programmes; and
  • facilitate industry collaboration to drive improvement.

The review will take place in two phases, the first examining the delivery of recommendations made at the time of the 2010 review, and the second looking at the RSSB’s strategy and future direction. The first phase concludes at the end of summer after a wide-ranging consultation, and the second phase is expected to finish later this year with the publication of a final report.

For further information about the RSSB and the 2010 review, visit: https://orr.gov.uk/about-orr/who-we-work-with/safety-bodies/rssb. Interested parties wishing to make a submission can do so by emailing lee.collins@orr.gsi.gov.uk.