GTR's response to issues raised over ‘Pit Stop’ document

8 June 2018

The Office of Rail and Road (ORR) has today published GTR’s response to the concerns raised following the recent publication in the media of GTR’s ‘Pit Stop’ document.

Immediately after the document was published in the media, ORR sought clarification from GTR on a number of issues. Following GTR’s response, ORR can confirm:

  • The ‘Pit Stop’ document was produced for station staff to ensure safe and punctual departure of trains; it is not a training manual for how to assist passengers with reduced mobility. However, the document could have more clearly represented the wider circumstances on how to assist passengers with reduced mobility and we welcome GTR’s decision to update the document in light of the concerns raised.
  • ORR have also received assurance that the document does not represent a change in the way passengers are assisted with their rail journeys. We support the procedure of calling ahead to ensure that passengers receive the assistance they require at their destination, which is standard practice across the rail industry at this time.
  • ORR understand that it is not always possible to plan journeys in advance and advise train operators, where reasonably practicable, to provide "Turn Up And Go" assistance to passengers.

GTR's full response pdf icon PDF, 462 Kb can be viewed.

ORR continues to work with the rail industry to improve the service offered to passengers that require assistance. Where rail companies are not acting in accordance with their licence conditions, we can and do take action. Last year, for example, we conducted a review of Southern Trains’ customer service for passengers needing help using trains, which led to changes in Southern’s processes.