Office of Rail and Road update on the Coronavirus outbreak

How the ORR intends to continue its operations throughout the Coronavirus outbreak

Dear stakeholder,

Clearly, this is a difficult time for the industries that we work with, and for those that work in them. I am therefore contacting you to let you know how ORR intends to continue its operations throughout the Coronavirus outbreak.

To protect our staff and to help reduce the spread of the virus, most of our staff are now working remotely, in line with government advice.

This will not affect our ability to work effectively, as ORR is well set up to do most of our work online and via mobile.

In practical terms it does mean we will communicate more frequently by email and will conduct meetings by phone and video, instead of face-to-face.

We do not expect there to be any large-scale disruption to our core processes, and our health and safety teams will continue to carry out their role.

We will keep you informed via the usual channels if there is any significant disruption to our functions, but this is unlikely.

We recognise that there will be considerable pressures on those within the rail and road industries during this period. I want to assure stakeholders that we will be as pragmatic as possible in how we work, given the challenges faced. We will provide support and advice wherever we can.

If there are particular issues or concerns that we may be able to help with, please do not hesitate to contact us, via your usual contacts, or directly to myself.

With best wishes

John Larkinson
Chief Executive