Information for the public

In this section you’ll find information on train fares and train station car park charges, safety-related issues such as station platform gaps and crowding, changes or cancellation of services, and some general advice about your train journey.

As the regulator of the UK's railways, we’re here to improve the safety, value and performance of railways, today and in the future. We also work to make sure that train companies provide the level of service that rail passengers are entitled to.

Buying a train ticket

Information to help you understand the differences between rail tickets and why these might be important to you.

Fares and penalty fares

We not the regulator for fares and have no role in relation to penalty fares. If you have concerns about the cost of your ticket, first contact the train operator.

Passengers with disabilities

Licensed train and station operators are required to have an Accessible Travel Policy (ATP), which sets out how they will protect the interests of disabled users of their trains and stations.

Service disruption

Information about who to contact if your train service is disrupted and the different types of train service disruption.

Train journey information

Train and station operators must give passengers the information they need to plan and make their journey with a reasonable degree of certainty.


information about trains with doors operated by drivers, station platform gaps and crowding on trains. It explains our position and details how to report complaints.

Station car park charges

Prices at station car parks are not regulated. The decision to charge for car parking at a station is a commercial decision for the station operator, as it is for any other commercial car parking provider.

High speed rail (HS2)

High speed rail (HS2) is a project run by the Department for Transport (DfT).