ORR organogram and data sets

The purpose of the disclosure of public body size and salary data is to provide transparency to the public on the value of public sector posts – by helping you understand both the costs and responsibilities of these posts. In addition to this it allows the public a unique insight into the diversity of roles and work across government.

Our budgeted staff job complement is 336.3 (FTE). Our current resourcing ratio is 95.8% (the resourcing ration is the number of permanent staff as a percentage of number of posts).

We have our own grade structure, which broadly compares to traditional the Civil Service grade structure as shown in table 1. Each grade has a pay band associated with it and these paybands are shown on our latest organograms.

Our current pay system and pay ranges are currently subject to review and consultation with our staff representatives and recognised trade unions.

Comparison of ORR grades to "traditional" Civil Service grades
ORR GradeBroadly equivalent
Civil Service Grade
A 6
B 6/7
C 7


Data sets