Consolidation and revision of freight general approvals

Reference: ORR/015/2011
Date published: 19 July 2011
Start date: 12 July 2011
Closing date: 23 August 2011

We issued a new general approval pdf icon PDF, 353 Kb on 9 February 2012 which replaced four freight track access general approvals relating to access to Network Rail's network. 

General approvals allow freight operators and freight customers to enter into or amend track access contracts with Network Rail without the need for ORR's specific approval. 

The publication of this single general approval followed a consultation of the industry in July 2011.

The new general approval provides a single point of reference in a more user-friendly format, as well as clarifying and extending the scope of the previous general approvals.

Conclusions documents

Following receipt of the consultation responses, we considered the issues raised and made a number of changes to the final general approval.

Consultation documents