Our strategic objectives

Our business plan summarises what we aim to achieve this year and provides detail around our six strategic objectives:

  1. Health and Safety
    At ORR, our goal is clear: to continue to drive for a safer railway through compliance with the law and striving for excellence. Our focus for the coming year will be on four key challenges: managing change; maintaining safe and sustainable assets; safety culture and occupational health, and; safety by design.
  2. Better rail customer service
    We are here to protect the interests of those who use our railways so that they get the service to which they are entitled. Continued growth, and changes in the structure of our railways have increased the importance of this role. Our consumer work focuses on enforcement of consumer and competition law, and ensuring compliance with the conditions contained in Network Rail’s and train operator’s licences.
  3. Value for money from the railway
    Passengers, freight customers, governments, taxpayers and the general public rightly expect an efficient service from a railway that delivers good value for money. A principal task is holding Network Rail and HS1 to account for performance, stewardship and enhancement of the network.
  4. Promoting a dynamic and commercially sustainable rail sector
    This year will be a critical one as we help to shape the railway for a successful and sustainable future. We will reach the culmination of our extensive work on the Periodic review (PR18); our final determination will set out our overall package of decisions for Network Rail for the next five years.
  5. Better highways
    Our job is to monitor Highways England’s performance to ensure that the rising number of users on England’s strategic road network get predictable journeys on safe, good quality roads. Entering our fourth year, we have well-established our role as Highways Monitor on the first road period, and are working to inform the nest road investment strategy (RIS2).
  6. High performing regulation
    We will be an effective, high-performing regulator as continuing change in the industry throws up a new set of challenges and opportunities. Our work helps ensure that users and funders are not put at a disadvantage by the monopoly ownership of the networks we oversee, that customers get access to the railway in a fair manner, and that we protect the interests of future users and funders of the strategic road network and the railway.