Corporate data

We publish data and information about ORR as part of our commitment to transparency.

Workforce management information

Workforce information is sent to the Cabinet Office regularly and it includes the number of staff by grade, payroll and non-payroll.

Spending figures

Our spending over £25,000.

Consultancy spend

Monthly list of requests for exceptions to the freeze on consultancy spend.

ORR organogram and data sets

The purpose of the disclosure of public body size and salary data is to provide transparency to the public on the value of public sector posts.

Government Procurement Card figures

Corporate card details for transactions in excess of £500.

Equality & diversity

We are committed to the principles of equality and diversity: both as an employer, and as a safety and economic regulator.

Board expenses

Access to details of our board's expenses.

Civil Service people survey

We participate in the cross-government Civil Service people survey every year.

Freedom of information

Find out more about how we deal with FOI requests and our recent disclosures

Tax arrangements

Government review of the tax arrangements of public sector appointees.

Corporate publications

A list of our corporate publications available in date order.