Network Rail regulation

Network Rail is the monopoly owner and operator of the railway network, including track, signalling, bridges, tunnels and stations. We regulate Network Rail's stewardship of the rail network for the long term – for investors, train companies and their passengers, freight customers and the taxpayer.

We hold Network Rail to account for delivering what it promised – at the amount it agreed to do it for – and we require it to provide passengers with a punctual, reliable service.

Periodic review 2018 (PR18)

At the heart of the review is our assessment of what Network Rail must achieve from 2019 to 2024, the funding it requires for this, and the incentives needed to encourage delivery and outperformance.

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How we regulate Network Rail

We hold Network Rail to account for delivering what it promised by enforcing compliance with its licences and by conducting five-yearly reviews that set its funding and what it must achieve within a control period.

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Monitoring performance

We monitor Network Rail's performance on a continuous basis - against: targets in the latest access charges review, obligations in its network licence and forecasts in its own business plan.

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Network licence

Network Rail operates under a network licence. This licence contains a set of conditions under which Network Rail must operate.

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Enforcement of the licence

What powers we have to enforce compliance with the network licence and our policies on when (and why) we would do so.

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