Estimates of station usage

We publish estimates of the total numbers of people entering, exiting and changing at each station in Great Britain. These are collated by Steer Davies Gleave on behalf of ORR.

Latest estimates of station usage reports and data

2013-14 report and data

Notes on the latest estimates of station usage data

Figures are based on ticket sales data recorded in rail industry systems. These are estimates and users should read the accompanying report in order to understand the limitations of the dataset. For further information on the dataset, please contact

Previous estimates of station usage reports and data

2012-13 report and data

2011-12 report and data

2010-11 report and data

2009-10 report and data

2008-09 report and data

2007-08 report and data

2006-07 report and data

2005-06 report and data

2004-05 report and data

2002-03 report and data

2001-02 data

2000-01 data

1999-00 data

1998-99 data

1997-98 data

Last updated - 4 December 2014