Supply of ticketing equipment and systems

Date published: 4 October 2017
Closing date: 31 January 2018

We have now completed the substantive phase of our reviewed into the market for the supply of ticketing equipment and systems. We are now carefully considering our next steps.

Our review included looking at the supply of ticket vending machines (TVMs), ticket issuing systems (TIS), and, ticket gates. Our review considered whether any structural or conduct related issues in the markets for the supply of ticketing equipment and systems may be distorting competition and having an impact on consumers.

We held 20 meetings with stakeholders, primarily the suppliers of TIS, TVMs and ticket gates, train companies and third party retailers, and a number of other key stakeholders, for example, the Department of Transport and the Rail Delivery Group. We also sent targeted voluntary information requests to 35 stakeholders.

Update: January 2018
We have completed the market review and are considering next steps. We will provide a further update in early March.