Measuring Up - Annual rail consumer report

‘Measuring Up’ is our annual rail consumer report showing how the rail industry is delivering for passengers. It focuses on ticket retailing, passenger information, passenger assistance, and complaints and compensation.

The purpose of the report is to inform the rail industry, passenger organisations, government and wider stakeholders of Network Rail's and train operators’ performance in these key passenger areas.

Our consumer function is part of our role to protect the interests of rail and road users ensuring the safety of the rail network and regulating Network Rail, holding it to account for delivering high levels of performance and service, as well as good value for money – for passengers, the freight industry and taxpayers.

‘Measuring Up’ - Annual rail consumer report 2016-17
26 July 2017

Measuring Up - Annual rail consumer report - At a glance summary
July 2017

‘Measuring Up’ case studies
July 2017

'Measuring up' – Annual rail consumer report 2015-16
June 2016