Business plan 2017-18

Joanna Whittington

Our aim is to protect the interests of road and rail users, and our  2017/18 Business Plan sets out how we intend to do so in the coming 12 months.

We will focus our work on delivering against six strategic objectives:

  • A safer railway
  • Better customer service
  • Value for money from the railway
  • Better highways
  • Promoting a dynamic and commercially sustainable rail sector
  • High performing regulation

This year’s plan has a particular focus on responding to the concerns of rail users. The service many rail passengers have received over the last twelve months has been poor, and this has resulted in declining passenger satisfaction and greater scrutiny of the rail industry as a whole. The causes and solutions are varied, and they will require focus and commitment from across the rail industry to address.

We will continue to monitor and transparently report on the service users receive from train operators and Network Rail, providing a clear incentive to deliver better customer service.

We will also continue to build our longer term approach – reinforcing the link between networks and their users as we carry out Network Rail’s periodic review and contribute to the government’s next road investment strategy for Highways England.

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