Licensing the railway

Operating railway assets and providing passenger and freight train services are of national importance and we safeguard them in the public interest.

Background to operator licensing

Guidance explaining the legal framework and procedures we use when we consider licensing applications and the types of licences that are available.

Licence obligations

Operators of railway assets must normally comply with conditions in their licences and the Statement of National Regulatory Provisions (SNRPs).

How to apply

Information about applying for a licence or licence exemption, the costs involved and the application forms you will need.

Model licences and Statements of National Regulatory Provisions (SNRPs)

Licence and SNRPs that we grant are based on these models.

Model licence exemptions

Licence exemptions in use in the Great Britain rail industry.

Current licensing applications

Proposals to grant licences or licence exemptions on which we are consulting.

Current licences

Licences that are in force, listed by company.

Current licence exemptions

Licence exemptions that are in force, listed by company.