Responses to RAIB reports 2017

Our responses to the Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) in relation to their recommendations published in 2017.

Incident date Report
publication date
Report Response
Response to
20/03/201713/12/2017Freight train derailment at East Somerset Junction  
28/02/201730/11/2017Partial collapse of a wall onto open railway lines, Liverpool  
28/02/201727/11/2017Track worker near miss incidents at Camden Junction South  
06/02/201721/09/2017Dangerous train door incident at Bank station on the Docklands Light Railway  
29/12/201631/10/2017Serious irregularity at Cardiff East Junction  
22/12/201627/09/2017Fatal collision between a tram and pedestrian at Woodbourn Road  
09/11/201607/12/2017Overturning of a tram at Sandilands junction, Croydon  
05/10/201626/10/2017Fatal accident at Alice Holt footpath crossing, Hampshire  
16/09/201610/08/2017Derailment due to a landslip, and subsequent collision at Watford  
15/08/201605/04/2017Fatal accident near David Lane tram stop04/04/18ORR response
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07/08/201625/05/2017Fatal accident involving a train passenger near Balham24/05/18ORR response
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01/08/201606/06/2017Partial collapse of a bridge onto open railway lines at Barrow upon Soar, Leicestershire05/06/18ORR response
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24/06/201623/03/2017Near miss between a train and a track worker, Shawford22/03/18ORR response
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14/06/201603/05/2017Near miss between a train and a level crossing user at Dock Lane03/05/18ORR response
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07/06/201616/02/2017Trains passed over washed out track at Baildon, West Yorkshire19/02/18ORR response
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11/04/201614/03/2017Collision between a train and tractor at Hockham Road user worked crossing, Thetford13/03/18ORR response
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07/04/201619/01/2017Occupied wheelchair contacting a passing train at Twyford station17/01/18ORR response
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03/04/201613/02/2017Collision at Plymouth station12/02/18ORR response
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N/A13/04/2017Class investigation into accidents and near misses involving trains and track workers outside possessions12/04/18ORR response
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