Periodic review 2018: draft determination

Date published: 12 June 2018
Closing date: 31 August 2018

The 2018 periodic review (PR18) is the process through which we determine what Network Rail should deliver in respect of its role in operating, maintaining and renewing its network in control period 6 (CP6) and how the funding available should be best used to support this. CP6 will run from 2019-2024.

Our draft determination sets out our proposed decisions on this, along with our approach for how we will regulate Network Rail’s delivery in CP6. It is a key milestone in PR18. In particular, it reflects our review of Network Rail’s February 2018 strategic business plans (SBPs), which set out what it proposed to deliver in CP6.

Our draft determination includes separate proposed decisions for England & Wales and for Scotland, reflecting legislative requirements relating to how Network Rail is funded.

After reviewing responses to the draft determination, we will make our final decisions and publish these in October 2018. Further information on the PR18 timetable is available. A PR18 glossary is available which provides definitions and/or explanations for terms used in our PR18 draft determination documentation.

Press release - England and Wales
Press release - Scotland

A summary of the roundtable sessions ORR held with stakeholders in England & Wales and Scotland during summer 2018 on PR18 draft determination is available.

Consultation documents

Main overview documents

Executive summary – England & Wales
Executive summary – Scotland
PR18 draft determination: overview of decisions and approach

The draft determination includes a number of supporting documents:

  • supplementary documents providing more detail on our SBP assessment
  • supplementary documents providing more detail on the proposed policy framework for CP6
  • draft settlement documents discussing the proposed settlements we intend to set for the Freight & National Passenger Operator route and System Operator
  • route review summaries for England & Wales routes

Supplementary documents relating to our SBP assessment

Supplementary documents relating to our policy approach

Charges and incentives

Supplementary document – Financial framework
Supplementary document – Review of Network Rail’s network licence

Draft design for our approach to regulating Network Rail in CP6 - August 2018

Draft settlement documents

System Operator draft settlement document
Freight & National Passenger Operator draft settlement document
For Scotland, please see the supporting annex to our Scotland executive summary

Route review summaries

The nature of our draft determination decisions in England & Wales, which requires Network Rail to do further planning, means we are not setting out draft settlements for these routes at this point.

We are, however, publishing an overview of our SBP engagement with each route, a summary of our overall decisions in England & Wales and our assessment of the stakeholder engagement that each route undertook to inform its strategic plan. We expect to publish settlement documents for these routes in October 2018.