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Other types of complaints

Crowding on trains

Complaints about crowding on trains should first be addressed to the train operating company concerned. The train operator has a duty to respond to your concerns, explaining what went wrong and what they are doing to improve matters. More on crowding on trains.

Health and safety complaints

Complaints regarding health and safety on the railways can be sent to our customer correspondence team, which will forward your complaint to the relevant railway safety team member.

If you are a railway company employee and have a health and safety complaint that has not been successful with your manager, with the unions or with CIRAS, you may contact us and we will forward your complaint to the appropriate railway safety team member. Your confidentiality will be protected if you so request

Complaints about Network Rail

Network Rail is responsible for the stewardship of the railway network and this includes:

  • line-side maintenance including vegetation and fencing
  • track quality
  • environmental issues such as noise and vibration, pollution and graffiti
  • railway structures such as bridges, station buildings, overhead lines, tunnels and signalling
  • network maintenance, particularly engineering work and speed restrictions
  • property issues including changes to use of railway land

You should try to resolve your complaint with Network Rail in the first instance. However we provide information on what Network Rail are responsible for and how you can make a complaint or enquiry.

Please note that Network Rail's licence is deliberately designed so that our regulatory controls are at a high level, rather than at ground level. Because of this we are unlikely to be able to intervene in many individual complaints from members of the public.

Making a complaint to us

Your complaint might be about something that happened when you were looking for a ticket, buying a ticket, making a journey or making a complaint about a journey, and which you think is likely to happen to quite a few other people.

When making a complaint to us, you need to supply as much information as you can. We have put some examples of the type of information that we might need, below.

Not all of these will be relevant to each complaint, but you should provide the information that you think is appropriate, including:

  • copies of any correspondence that you have had with either the business concerned, Transport; Focus or London TravelWatch;
  • the type of ticket that you purchased (i.e. Anytime, Advance, Off peak, or a season ticket);
  • where your journey was to and from;
  • the time of day that you made the journey;
  • the name of the company that sold you your ticket;
  • how you bought your ticket (i.e. online, phone, at a station, from a machine); and
  • where did you get the information that your intended purchase was based on.

Also see our contact form.

Complaints about us

We aim to provide an efficient and helpful service to those who contact us for information on railway issues within the targets that the office has set.

However, should you feel unhappy with the standard of service you have received, you should put your complaint in writing to the senior executive in the customer correspondence team.

Your complaint will be acknowledged and forwarded to the relevant ORR director to investigate your complaint.

We aim to respond and investigate such complaints within 20 working days. If it becomes apparent that our investigation will take longer, we will inform you at the earliest opportunity.

Should you remain dissatisfied with our response, you may contact the Parliamentary Ombudsman to re-investigate the concerns you have raised.

Ultimately, it is the duty of the Parliamentary Ombudsman to ensure that public bodies comply with the terms of their complaints handling procedure, and ensure that customers receive the service to which they are entitled.

Our Customer correspondence team (CCT)

Our Customer correspondence team (CCT) deals with complaints, enquiries and Freedom of Information (FOI) requests from members of the public.

We ensure that anyone who contacts us receives a prompt and full response to their comment or query. We aim to:

  • provide you with a full response within twenty working days
  • refer your correspondence to the most appropriate organisation or regulatory body if necessary

Before contacting CCT, you may wish to read our Information for the public section.

Contact details

Customer correspondence team
Office of Rail and Road
One Kemble Street


Alternatively you can call us on the following telephone number:
020 7282 2000

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