Station car park charges

Prices at station car parks are not regulated.

The decision to charge for car parking at a station and, if so, at what level is a commercial decision for the station operator, as it is for any other commercial car parking provider.

If you have concerns about the price of parking at a train station, your first step should be to contact the station operator and voice those concerns.

We enforce the Competition Act 1998, which makes it illegal for companies to do certain things, for example, use their powerful position in the market to take advantage of consumers or fix prices and we may conduct an investigation if we have reasonable grounds to suspect the law has been broken.

If you think we should look at your fare, please look at our approach to the application of competition law to rail fares and car park charges. It is set out in our web-based guide and our set of quick reference questions and answer on this topic.

If, after reading our guide you think we should look at the price of your car park, please go to our how to complain guide pdf icon PDF, 47 Kb for information on how to make a complaint.