About us

We protect the interests of rail and road users. We are improving the safety, value and performance of railways and roads, today and in the future.

We safeguard the public and the workforce by regulating the rail industry's health and safety performance.

Effective and efficient transport networks matter to all of us: they feed the economy and wider society by contributing to productivity and economic growth. Our rail and road networks exist for the benefit of those who use them: rail passengers freight customers, and road users.

Britain’s roads and railways are attracting increasing traveller numbers which means, more than ever, that passengers’ interests need to be protected. Therefore, Network Rail, as the monopoly network rail operator, and Highways England as the sole strategic highways authority, need to be monitored accordingly.

How we regulate

Our railway health, safety, economic and road functions overall are driven by UK and EU legislation.

We are accountable to Parliament and the public to:

  • protect the people who use, interact or work on the railway;
  • ensure fair access to a rail network which is becoming increasingly congested;
  • ensure Highways England delivers its major programme of investment and other performance commitments; and
  • protect the interests of future users by working with the industry and funders as they develop the network of tomorrow.

Our functions

We are here to ensure the rail network operates safely, reliably and provides value for taxpayers and customers. As Highways Monitor we are responsible for monitoring Highways England's management of the strategic road network – the motorways and main A roads in England.

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