UK Regulators' Network

The UK Regulators Network (UKRN) brings together the regulators of our utility services, transport, financial, health and legal services to help make regulation work well for consumers and the economy.

ORR plays an active role, working with members to share expertise and, where appropriate, co-ordinate our work with other regulated sectors to strengthen our impact and benefits to passengers and funders.

UK Regulator Network publishes leaflet for consumers with information about accessing free support services

The leaflet has been produced through a collaborative effort between Ofgem, Ofcom, Ofwat, ORR and the CAA, who do some of their work collectively as part of the UKRN. The network has been looking at how individual regulators can work with each other to best address the issues faced by people with particular needs, and producing this leaflet is one of the outputs from this work.

This leaflet tells you about free services that can give consumers extra help with services such as gas, electricity, water, phones and public transport and particularly for those who are older, ill or have a disability, or have suddenly found themselves in vulnerable circumstances.


The objectives of UKRN are:

  • coherent and consistent economic regulation across sectors;
  • affordability and empowerment for consumers;
  • a positive environment for efficient investment, to meet our infrastructure needs;
  • efficient regulation, to make best use of scarce expertise and resources;
  • promotion of competition in the interests of consumers, working with other partners such as the Competition and Markets Authority and UK Competition Network; and
  • better understanding of the effectiveness of economic regulation, explaining how good quality independent regulation can make markets more effective for the benefit of consumers, businesses and the economy more widely.

It achieves these objectives through a number of specific projects, usually led by a specific regulator, with support from contributing members.

To learn more about UKRN and its current projects please visit UKRN's website.