Safety bodies

A summary of the different safety bodies we work with as part of our role as the safety and economic regulator of Britain's railways.

British Transport Police (BTP)

The national police force for the mainline railways and the London Underground system, Docklands Light Railway, the Glasgow Subway, the Midland Metro tram system and Croydon Tramlink.

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Health & Safety Executive (HSE)

The the Health and Safety Executive HSE gives advice to the Government on health and safety matters.

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Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB)

Investigates railway accidents and incidents on the UK's railways to improve safety, not to establish blame.

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Railway Industry Health and Safety Advisory Committee (RIHSAC)

Provides advice to us on railway health and safety, exchanges information, comments on proposed new regulations and guidance and works to progress health and safety issues and other related developments within the industry.

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Helps the mainline railway industry's work to achieve continuous improvement in health and safety performance.

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