A summary of the different government bodies we work with as part of our role as the safety and economic regulator of Britain's railways.

Department for Transport

The Department for Transport (DfT) has overall responsibility for transport including rail and road. It provides strategic direction and funding to the railways and to procure rail franchises and projects It sets strategy and funding for the railways and the Strategic Road Network.

The Secretary of State for Transport, on behalf of government, appoints members of our board.

Transport Scotland

The body with responsibilities for transport in Scotland. Responsibility for funding and specification in Scotland is devolved to Scottish Ministers.

Welsh Government

The body with responsibilities for transport in Wales. Some responsibilities rail powers are devolved or shared to the Welsh Government.

Department of Regional Development, Northern Ireland

The body with responsibilities for transport strategy in Northern Ireland.

Transport for London

TfL was established in 2000 as the integrated body responsible for London's transport system.

Passenger Transport Executives

Bodies with responsibilities for transport services in the city regions.

The European Union Agency for Railways

The body with responsibility for European railway transport issues.

Channel Tunnel Intergovernmental Commission (IGC) and Channel Tunnel Safety Authority (CTSA)

Safety and economic regulation are a key part of IGC's responsibility to supervise and monitor all matters relating to the operation of the Channel Tunnel.