Business plan 2015-16

Our business plan summarises what we aim to achieve this year and provides detail around our six strategic objectives.

2014-15 saw the first year of the new control period for Network Rail's outputs and funding to 2018-19 (CP5). 2015 will see the first year of our new highways monitor function. In 2015-16 we will be making sure Network Rail meets its regulated targets and working with stakeholders to develop our highways operation. 

We will drive for the best possible outcome for the railway's customers and for taxpayers in England, Wales and Scotland and monitor development of England's strategic road network on behalf of government. In doing so, our five strategic rail objectives remain unchanged with the addition of a new objective on roads: 

  1. Driving for a safer railway;
  2. Supporting a better service for customers;
  3. Securing value for money from the railway;
  4. Promoting an increasingly dynamic and commercially sustainable sector
  5. Securing improved performance and value for money from the strategic road network; and
  6. Being a high-performing regulator

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Last updated - 27 March 2015