At ORR, we publish a range of statistics about railway performance, rail usage and safety – to support performance evaluation, analysis and decision-making for the railway industry.

The range of statistical products that we produce reflects the needs of our users. For those with a general interest in rail, we produce statistical releases that provide commentary and interpretation on trends across a variety of rail-related themes.  For those more interested in more detailed data, the data tables are available on the ORR data portal.

Popular statistics

Our most popular statistics represented as interactive graphs.

Publication dates

Our publication timetable provides details when we will publish official statistics, the statistical releases and other statistics that we publish.

The ORR Data portal

Find out about our database of railway statistics. You can access data on topics such as safety, passenger satisfaction and performance.

Published statistics

Here you can access statistical releases, station usage estimates and complaints data on this website. You can also access our archived statistics.

User engagement

Find out about our proposals for changes to statistics, any changes in methodology prior to publication and our consultations.

Code of Practice

We follow the UK Statistics Authority Code of Practice for Official Statistics and we have published statements to show how we adhere to the code.

Contact the rail statistics team

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about our data and statistics, please contact the rail statistics team.