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This page enables users to access:

  • our proposals about changes to statistics;
  • changes in methodology prior to publication;
  • papers of work we are working closely on with the industry; and
  • our consultations with the rail industry.

We actively seek feedback from users of the statistics and will highlight where there is opportunity to take part. We will highlight documents where we are looking for feedback from the users of the statistics.

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Proposed changes

This section provides details on our proposed changes to our statistical publications. It outlines our proposals and asks for feedback from users of the statistics. The feedback received will inform our decisions about any potential changes and may influence our decisions.

  • ORR is redeveloping the data portal. The new portal is due to go live in June 2019. The key changes are:
    • Statistical releases and supporting data tables available on the same site
    • Customisable graphs and charts
    • Improved navigation
  • On 24 May 2019 in the “Passenger and freight rail performance Q4 2018-19” statistical release we will include a proposal for changes to this quarterly release and associated data tables from Q1 2019-20 to reflect the industry’s move to ‘on time’ measures of train performance from the start of Control Period 6 (CP6). A copy of the proposal will be added to this webpage too. Feedback from users is requested by 30 June.
  • We are proposing to discontinue the publication of the bi-annual data portal tables “Network Rail Outputs and Indicators Key Statistics” after the 2018-19 data are published on 4 July 2019. The tables were developed to monitor Network Rail’s regulated outputs and indicators in CP5 and supporting the commentary in the bi-annual NR Monitor. CP5 ended on 31 March 2019. ORR are monitoring Network Rail using scorecards and other means during CP6 and some of this data will be published on the data portal instead, e.g. Consistent Route Measure for Performance and Freight: CRM-P and FDM-R.
  • On 10 January 2019 in the “Passenger rail service complaints Q2 2018-19” statistical release we proposed changes to the publishing of data tables within this statistical release. We are proposing to publish the following tables on an annual basis rather than a quarterly basis from 2019-20 Q1:
    • Complaints by contact method and train operator – Table 14.6;
    • National Rail Enquiries (telephone enquiries received) – Table 14.13;
    • Praise rate by train operator - Table 14.17.
  • These tables will in future be published alongside the Q4 statistical release only, although the tables on the Data Portal will still provide a quarterly disaggregation.

  • ORR began collecting delay compensation data from train operators in April 2018 and published this information for the first time on 10 January 2019. A factsheet and data table showed the volumes of delay compensation claims dealt with by train operators, and the percentage of those claims which have been responded to within 20 working days. The data is now published every quarter on the ORR Data Portal. See ORR’s publication timetable for the future release dates.
  • Proposed changes to other statistical publications during 2019-20 to reflect new or changed data and reporting for CP 6 will be added to this page in the near future and be consulted on with Rail statistics management group (RSMG). In particular any changes relating to Network Rail reorganising into 5 regions.

If you have any comments or queries on these proposed changes, please contact

Improving rail data

A number of reviews have been commissioned by us to ensure that its data are robust and align with stakeholder requirements. Links to the reports can be found below:

Rail statistics management group

The Rail statistics management group (RSMG) is composed of the main industry participants where we discuss possible improvements to rail statistics and research in the rail industry.


We welcome feedback. Please send an email to with any comments or suggestions.