About the ORR Data portal

The ORR Data portal is our online tool that provides access to our database of railway statistics. You can access data on topics such as safety, passenger satisfaction and performance.

Changes to the data portal

ORR is removing the report wizard functionality from the data portal as of Monday 6th March 2017. The data previously accessed through the report wizard will now be available as standalone reports under the relevant statistical themes. This means that there is no longer a requirement to login to the data portal to access these reports.

ORR is also proposing to remove tables where usage is deemed to be low and/or the data is available elsewhere.

We also publish regular commentary on rail statistics under themes – including performance and safety. These releases are designed to help the user interpret the data and are accredited National Statistics.

We also publish themed quality reports which pull together the key qualitative information on relevance, accuracy and reliability, timeliness and punctuality, accessibility and clarity and coherence and comparability.

To see when we publish the statistical releases, please visit our publications schedule.