ORR assessment of occupational health management in the rail industry in 2010

Information on the ORR 2010 baseline review and survey of work related ill health and its management in the railway industry. Our occupational health programme will be assessed against this survey in 2014. We also ask the industry to assess their progress and share the results with us.

In support of our Health programme for 2010-14, we have carried out a baseline review of work related ill health pdf icon PDF, 815 Kb, and its management in the rail industry. The review paper also reports against a small number of baseline indicators on health, taking account of rail industry responses to our health survey carried out in December 2010 pdf icon PDF, 52 Kb.The impact of our health programme will be assessed against this survey.

Our aim in publishing this baseline paper, which is a snapshot view during the first year of our health programme, is to encourage improved leadership and awareness of health.  The paper will also act as a benchmark for the railway industry. We welcome comments from the industry and will publish these pdf icon PDF, 61 Kb alongside the baseline paper.

A key element in moving the industry towards excellence in management of occupational health will be encouraging the gathering and use of good health data.  Accurate data drives effective monitoring and reporting on health. We encourage rail companies who are keen to act as examples of good practice in occupational health management to measure their progress year on year. This can be done against the baseline external indicators on incidence, cost, and public reporting on health.  We would like you to share these with us. If you are happy for us to do so, we will publish your progress against the baseline indicators on our website as further examples of good practice.

We intend to review and publish progress against the three key themes in our programme – excellence in health risk management, leadership, and awareness, in 2014/15. We expect to repeat the health survey in 2014 to help with our assessment, and we have improved the survey form doc icon DOC, 84 Kb to make it clearer exactly what data we are seeking. We ask all rail duty-holders to make a full contribution to the repeat survey in 2014. This would give us a fuller picture of how well occupational health is being managed across the industry.

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