Managing level crossings: guide for managers, designers and operators - consultation

Start date: 20 April 2010
End date: 13 July 2010

'Level crossings: a guide for managers, designers and operators pdf icon PDF, 1,275 Kb' replaces 'railway safety principles & guidance, part 2, section E - guidance on level crossings'.

In April 2010 we consulted industry on the draft guidance pdf icon PDF, 1,737 Kb. We asked for comments from stakeholders on the clarity and comprehensiveness of the document. 

The consultation ended on 13 July 2010 and having considered thoroughly the responses received, we made a number of further changes and published the new guidance pdf icon PDF, 1,275 Kb.

The main areas of change to the new revised guidance include the following:

  • increased emphasis on the need for sound risk assessment when determining appropriate protection measures at level crossings. We make it clear that all reasonably practicable measures to reduce safety risk should be taken, balanced against the importance of road-user convenience;
  • encouragement for innovative and cost-effective solutions, moving away from a limited range of prescribed choices for level crossing types;
  • clarity that the document is guidance which aims to help dutyholders make decisions in compliance with the law. It should not be viewed as ORR requirements;
  • recognition of advances in technology, such as the use of obstacle detection, and the opportunities that new equipment can bring;
  • information on the law, level crossing operation and the level crossing order making process; and 
  • updated references to the law, traffic sign diagram numbers and many other areas where change has occurred.

We have endeavoured to make the guidance clearer and use simpler language.

Consultation document

  • Managing level crossings: guide for managers, designers and operators