2014 blogs

A list of our blogs in 2014.

  • Keeping our railways running safely this winter

    ORR’s blog

    ORR chief executive Richard Price explains what the regulator is doing over the winter period to ensure minimal disruptions to passengers.

  • Why is it so hard to capture complaints made through social media?

    ORR’s blog

    The impact of social media, Peter Moran and Sneha Patel, ORR information and analysis team.

  • 41,000 hours inspecting the railways already this year

    ORR’s blog

    Tom Wake – ORR's principal inspector, Network Rail - South East

  • Making our railways safer

    ORR’s blog

    Ian Prosser, director, railway safetyAs director of health and safety and HM chief inspector of railways, I lead a team of inspectors who spend most of their time out and about on the railways. We work with Network Rail, train operators and others from across the industry to help make Britain's railways safer whether you are travelling or working on them. Inspectors have been doing this for quite a while – 175 years next year.

  • Predict and prevent in practice – Richard Price

    ORR’s blog

    Welcome to the new ORR blog. One of the privileges of being chief executive is that I get the first crack at writing a blog entry. I want to use this to give you a better insight into what people at ORR do and why - working across the industry to ensure an efficient, effective and safe railway for everyone.