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This was the Office of Rail and Road's consultation on our updated monitoring framework and enforcement policy for Highways England.
Last updated: 30 Mar 2020

Office of Rail and Road’s consultation on monitoring Highways England’s network investment.
Last updated: 12 Dec 2016

This document sets out how we intend to enforce compliance by Highways England with the Road Investment Strategy and statutory directions and guidance issued to it by the Secretary of State, as well as the options available to us in taking enforcement action (both statutory and non-statutory) against Highways England.
Last updated: 9 Dec 2015

This was ORR's first consultation on its new Highways Monitor role. The Highways Monitor was established to monitor the performance and efficiency of Highways England (previously the Highways Agency) in its management and enhancement of the strategic road network – the motorways and main 'A' roads in England.
Last updated: 29 Oct 2015

ORR responses to road consultations issued by other organisations

This document sets out the Office of Rail and Road’s response to the Department for Transport’s consultation on proposals for the creation of a Major Road Network (MRN).
Published: 16 May 2018

Our response to the Department for Transport’s consultation on Highways England’s Strategic Road Network (SRN) Initial Report. The SRN Initial Report sets out Highways England’s high level aspirations for the future and will inform the preparation of the second Road Investment Strategy (RIS2) covering the period 2020-21 to 2024-25.
Published: 7 Feb 2018