Health and safety enforcement policy

This page introduces our enforcement policy statement and explains the purposes and principles of enforcement of health and safety law.

Our health and safety enforcement policy statement pdf icon PDF, 143 Kb is an important document. It explains the purposes and principles of enforcement of health and safety law.

Our aim is to protect the health, safety and welfare of people at work. To safeguard others, mainly passengers and members of the public who may be exposed to risks related to the operation of guided transport systems.

We are not bound by any enforcement approach taken by the Health and Safety Commission (HSC), HSE or local authorities. Nevertheless, it is appropriate that a consistent approach is taken to enforcement across all industry sectors and our enforcement policy is consistent with that issued by the HSC to the HSE and local authorities.

The appropriate use of enforcement and prosecution powers is important, both to secure compliance with the law and to ensure that those who have duties under it may be held to account for failures to safeguard health, safety and welfare.

The ultimate purpose of our enforcement policy is to ensure that duty holders manage and control risks effectively, thus preventing harm.

Economic policy enforcement

As the economic regulator, we also enforce economic regulation of the railways. See our economic enforcement section for more.

Other enforcement roles

We are also the enforcing authority for the interoperability, rail vehicle accessibility and train driving licences and certificates regulations, and our HSWA enforcement policy statement also sets out the way in which we will ensure compliance with these statutory requirements.